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Dear Reader

Welcome to the Home Seller's Club. This is where you can learn how to get all the benefits of an Estate Agent - for a fraction of the cost.

If you are thinking of selling your home on your own there are probably two concerns uppermost in your mind.

Will I be able to sell my home at all ?

If I do sell it, will I get the best price?

These are intelligent and highly relevant questions. Faced with them, you might easily think that - for what is probably the biggest financial transaction of your life - you should call in an Estate Agent.

But before you do, here are a three things to consider:

Firstly; thousands of normal people, just like you, sold their homes on their own, in the past year. This is a growing trend. They used a simple step-by-step method which you can learn all about here.

Secondly; the problem with Estate Agents is that many of them aren't actually very good at their jobs. In fact you might be visiting this site as one of an increasing number of people whose agent has failed to sell your home.

The Third thing to bear in mind is that even if you are lucky enough to find a good Estate Agent, they will cost you a lot of money.

So What Exactly do Estate Agents do for all that money?

Well the role of the agent covers three main areas:

- They advertise your Home...

- They arrange viewings (which they often get you, the seller, to attend for them)...

- and finally they negotiate the sale price.

They do all this for a commission that is typically 2 to 3%

So for an average priced UK property in 2005 of just under £200,000, the agent would get something like £4,000 to £6,000. (Source BBC)

You might be one of the many people who has already gone through this process and at some level questioned just why the agent deserved this commission.

Unsatisfactory experiences that many people have with their agent are all too common. In fact there has always been a lot of dissatisfaction with the whole process.

Previously everyone just accepted it and got on with things.

Estate Agents were regularly nominated the most loathed profession in the country. They didn't care too much though. They were laughing all the way to the bank.

There seemed to be no other option until:

The arrival of the Internet changed everything

This has provided the breakthrough.

One of the major benefits of the web is that people are now realising they don't have to go through middlemen in the ways they used to.

For example many people are booking their own holidays online. This saves them time, money and even the effort of dealing with the travel agent.

There are many other instances of the consumer gaining power over the middle man, from people avoiding dodgy car dealers - by selling their cars direct on ebay...

... to rock bands not bothering to sign contracts with record labels anymore but going direct to their audience via their websites.

Estate Agents Exposed

In his best selling book "Freakonomics" the leading US economist, Steven Levitt, uses Estate Agents as the perfect model of how the internet has transferred power from the old-style middle man to the consumer.

He discusses a survey which showed that on average estate agents get 3 percent more when selling their own homes than those of their clients.

OK. Perhaps you might think that's fair enough. An agent is simply using their work skills to get a better price than someone who's not as experienced as they are.

But wait a minute... Other people's houses are sold by Estate Agents... who are using their professional skills...

So what's the difference? Well it turns out that what is really happening here is the great majority of agents are getting their clients to sell for 3% less than their home is really worth.

But that can't be right? Surely the agent earns more commission by getting that 3% extra? Well yes they do. But the problem for their clients is that the extra 3% is not worth it.

It is better for the agent to get a quick sale by convincing their client to sell now.

For example; let's assume your agent is on a fairly average 2.5% commission.

He persuades you to accept £200,000 for your home by scaring you with his apparent "informational advantage".

He might say there's about to be market slowdown... that properties in your area aren't selling well... and so on.

You don't want to risk it. You agree to sell quickly. Your agent gets his £5,000 commission.

But your home was actually worth £206,000.

Oops. You just lost £6,000.

By persuading you to sell it for 3% less now - rather than waiting for a better buyer - your agent only loses £180. Or rather he gains his £5000 commission now and moves on to the next deal.

The agent simply doesn't have a good enough incentive to protect your full interests.

Prof Levitt identifies how this unsatisfactory situation came about:

In the old days.. "The agent used to be the one with all the information on recent sales trends... the tremors of the mortgage market, perhaps even a lead on an interested buyer...

"but now Estate agents in particular have seen their advantage badly eroded by the internet...

"after all anyone can now get online and gather information about sales trends and mortgage rates.

"The information has been set loose and recent sales data shows the results. Agents still get a higher price for their own homes ... but since the internet the gap between the two prices has shrunk by a third".

So what is the Big Advantage that Estate Agents have enjoyed for so long?

How can you acquire it? How can you put it into practice to save yourself thousands of pounds?

Well this is where we come in.

We give you the crucial information that Estate Agents have managed to hold close to their chest - until now

You can quickly learn everything you need to know about how to sell your home by yourself.

You can learn all the tips and tricks used by agents for years.

The information we give you is concise, to the point and includes expert, specific advice on subjects like:

The Basics

The exact process of what's involved when selling a property - step by step.

Whether to get a For Sale Sign

How to advertise locally (and whether to bother)

How to get the best legal advice

Setting Your Price and Getting It

The Golden Rules of Negotiating to ensure you get the best price for your home.

How to quickly find out what properties in your area have sold for

Where to see the local and national sales trends

Exactly How to Prepare your Home

The crucial rooms that will sell your home - not the ones you might think

Exactly what you need to do to get your home ready to sell


Everything You Need To Know about Viewings

The secrets to a successful home viewing

The best DIY viewing trick - you won't be told this anywhere else

Simple but highly effective security tips - that even most Agents don't know

The Seven most common viewing questions. Plus your best answers

And Seven specific questions you need to ask your potential buyers

Plus Secret Tips and Tricks

How most buyers make their decision and how you can get them to choose you

How to speed up your sale

How to avoid time wasters– zap the biggest cause of frustration…

How to get the best mortgage.
















and much more...

This is information that the agents have used to their own benefit for years. Now you can easily take advantage of it aswell

It's all in our easy-to-understand guide Selling My Own Home.

Come On. There must be some drawbacks?

Well yes. If you want to save a lot of money you will have to do more work. But, to be honest, it's not necessarily that much more work than if you were using an agent anyway.

For example, you will have to spend more time arranging viewings by interested parties.

But as you've already seen above, agents are increasingly in the habit of crying off from attending viewings themselves. Guess who is left holding the baby? That's right. You....

And many people find that they do a much better job at selling their own property. After all they know a lot more about it than an agent could. Using your new found top selling tips you could do at least as good a job as the agent.

The other area where an agent should save you time is by fielding the enquiry calls.

But as you might well have experienced yourself, agents aren't always very good at taking these calls. Imagine if someone who could have been your buyer leaves a message but isn't called back? Well that's not likely to happen if they called you direct, particularly if you follow your tips on handling phone calls.

The only other thing that agents can do is to produce a professional looking property description on their own. It's true that agents are good at writing property particulars adverts (these are the single sheets showing a picture and describing the property that you will be sent by an agent).

The reason they are good at writing them is because they've done so many in the past. And you will only be doing one...

Well you don't have to worry about that.

You can relax. With our service you will be able to write a smart looking advert for your property. And the funny thing is that no one will be able to tell the difference between your ad and one written by an agent.

How? Well we've done the groundwork for you.

We researched thousands of Estate Agents ads. And guess what? They all look very similar. So we carefully identified the best words and phrases used by the professionals.

And with this information we created an easy to use Property Description Wizard.

Using a simple step by step process, this shows you all the different areas to cover in your advert and the best order in which to describe them.

If my seven year old can do it (and she did) then I'm sure you can do it too !

Your other advantages of using the service

You get complete control over your own sale - ask anyone who's waited for an inefficient agent to deliver and you'll see the importance of this one benefit.
Dealing directly with buyers increases trust and even speeds up your sale
You get up to FOUR photos of your property - at no extra cost.
Easy to upload. If you have any problems we do it for you at no extra cost.
We have the best guides which give you all the latest ideas to get a speedy sale for the best price

It’s very quick ! See your property advert online immediately


You can change your ad and photos at any time.

You can hide your personal contact details. Buyers can only correspond with you through the website (You can also change this at any time)
You can cancel at any time.

It’s Trustworthy. There are no tie ins, no minimum contract, no hidden charges.

It’s easy. From signing up to completing your ad can take minutes. And you don’t have to do it all in one go. You can come back and adjust your ad whenever you like.
Your advert looks highly professional.

On top of all this you get Free Membership of the Home Sellers Club – with all the resulting support including:

- Online discussion / support forum

- Specific advice

- Ideas sharing

- Problem solving

... and more

You might well find that this is the most useful part of our service.

Are you already using an agent?

Great. Tell them you’ve signed up with this service, show them your highly professional looking ad online and watch them pull their fingers out as they fear losing their large commission.

Finally, please rest assured.

We completely respect your privacy. We do NOT sell your email address or give your personal information to ANYONE.

I hope that has convinced you that we are worth a try. If there is anything you need to ask please don't hesitate to email me personally at

Thank you for reading this

Best wishes


Simon Cooke
Home Sellers' Club


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