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Why is this Free?

What's this all about ?

What do you do ?

Isn't it a bit difficult ?

Surely it's better to use an agent?

I'm already with an Estate Agent

Can I use you and an agent?

How do I get a For Sale Board

About Joining

What do I have to do to sign up?

What if I change my mind?

What about security? Do I have to give my address and contact details?

How much does it cost? Any hidden extras?

What about my Privacy? Do you sell my email address

Can I pay by cheque?

Can I email or post my photographs if I'm having problems adding them

After Joining

What do I get from you / how do I know all is in order ?

What is the process of selling my property ?

Can I change or add to my advertisement once it is online ?

How soon will I see my property on-line ?

What if I have any problems or questions?

If my property doesn't sell as a result of the ad can I get a refund?

How do I remove my property when it's sold?


Why is this Free?

This is a new service. We are offering it to some internet searchers for free in order to get some interest going.

As you can see we want to start a " club ". If there are no members there ain't much of a club !

What's this all about?

Selling your home via an Estate Agent will cost you thousands of pounds in commission. (For example: Say you pay them 3% for selling an average priced house of £100,000. The agents fee would cost you £3,000).

So what do they do for their money? Not too much really. And increasingly people are feeling they don't do enough to justify such huge fees and are doing it themselves. (See our table of Estate Agents pro's and con's versus doing it yourself)

The Internet has changed everything

Pre internet it was possible to sell your own property. However hardly anyone did.

One of the major impacts of the internet is that people are realising they don't have to use middlemen/agents in the way they used to.

For example people are booking their own flights online. This saves them time, money and even the effort of dealing with the travel agent.

The internet has put us, the customers, in control.

What does this website do?

We will place your property advert on the major property websites. As a result, millions of people will be exposed to your ad.

Anyone looking for your type of property in your area will see your ad.

Hmm. Sounds a bit difficult

No it's not. Honest ! We've made it very easy for you to place an ad through us. We help you.

Our simple property advert description wizard will make your ad look highly professional.

The whole process has been designed carefully to be straightforward, quick and easy.

We give you the top tips and tricks to selling your home. And you get many other free guides too, all giving useful, hard to find info on (Worth over £175). Free.

OK they may cost more. But surely it's better to use an agent?

Well possibly. If you are happy to pay their rather large commission. And if the agent is any good. But sadly not many are. The experience of most people using agents is that it becomes quite stressful.

They do not keep you updated. You have to chase them to find out how things are going. To you, your property sale is extremely important. For them it's one of many they're dealing with.

It's difficult to set up even simple viewings with many agents. Then if you get an interested buyer you can't be sure your agent is responding to them properly.

Basically, you don't know if your messages are getting through to them without being garbled into Chinese whispers.

This is highly important. It is well known that in negotiations if the two parties are speaking directly it is much more likely to lead to a successful outcome. They can both hear exactly what the other person is saying - which can make a big difference.

As far as the actual art of negotiating goes, we give you the simple tricks of the trade. These are exactly what the agents themselves use. They're not rocket science. In fact they're really quite simple. Anyone can use them.

But I'm already using an Estate Agent

That's fine. You can still use us.

Just make sure that your contract is not for Sole Selling rights. If so your agent can claim commission even if you sell the property. (Even if this is the case you might want to advertise yourself to ensure a quicker sale).

Hopefully your contract is for Sole Agency. This means they are your appointed estate agent - the only estate agent who can sell your property. You should be OK selling your property yourself without paying any commission. (Unless of course the agent introduced the buyer to you).

Multiple Agency: is where you get several agents to sell the property. The one who sells the property gets the commission. They will usually want a higher commission if they are in competition with other agents

Can I use you and an agent?

Yes you can. As outlined above, just check that you don't have a Sole Selling contract with them.

If it's Sole agency or multiple agency it means they can't claim commission on any sale you get from this site. However even if you are under sole agency contract you may find they aren't pulling their weight.

If you want to sell your house or flat quickly you might not worry about paying the rather low extra cost of advertising here yourself

In any event it would be a good idea to tell any agent you have that you're advertising yourself aswell. It should help them to get a move on.

For Sale Boards

These undoubtedly make a major difference to a successful sale. They were the first method of selling properties and remain one of the best.

While they are not compulsory we would recommend you think seriously about putting one up. You can get a smart looking one from us for only £24.95.

What do I have to do to sign up?

Simply choose your advertising package. (You'll see that we are currently offering special discounts).

Then pay via the highly secure online card bank Worldpay. (This only takes 2 minutes)

Then follow the easy basic advert creation process - where you enter details about the number of rooms and so on. (This only takes 1 minute).

Then add your property description. You can use the free Description Wizard at this point - or later - to help you create a super professional looking ad.

Then add you photos. Or, like your property description, you can add them at any time later. We have a very user-friendly guide to uploading your photos. However if you're at all worried about how to do it, no problem. Simply send the photos to us to upload.

All that's left is for you to decide if you want to display your phone number to your ad respondents or prefer only initial contact by email - ie whereby no one can see your personal details.

Whenever you're ready, your advert goes live. You will see it displayed immediately on this website. On the other major property websites it's usually within 24 hours (on a working day).

You now also have full access to our free guides and information. You get tips on pricing, how to best describe your property, selling tricks and so on. You can also join the club's free discussion forum.

Please note you can change your advert at any time using your own easy to use control panel.

What if I change my mind?

No problem. We have a no quibble 90 day money back guarantee.

What about security? Do I have to give my address and contact details?

No. You don't need to show your full address on the advert. And your name is not shown on the advert. Simply give your phone number for any enquiries.

If you are concerned about security simply do not put a house number. Nuisance calls are very rare.

How much does it cost? Any hidden extras?

Please see our current list of packages and discounts.

There are no hidden extras. We don't charge any type of commission on your property sale.

What about my Privacy? Do you sell my email address?

No. We do not sell your email address or any other information about you to any marketing companies or other 3rd parties.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Can I pay by cheque?

Please rest assured that we ensure that your paying online is totally secure.

However if you really would prefer to pay by cheque then you can. Please note that your ad wont go up until your cheque has cleared. Read more

What is the process of selling my property?

1) Decide your price ie how much you want to sell it for by valuing your property.

2) Put it on the market ie advertise it here and possibly use an Estate Agent(s) - avoiding sole seller contracts

3) Line up a solicitor or conveyancing agent to handle the legal aspect of the sale

3) Respond to enquiries and arrange viewings.

4) When someone makes an offer (a) Swop solicitors or conveyancing agent details (b) They have to confirm they have finance in place eg a mortgage offer or a mortgage in principle

5) The legal details are thrashed out between the legal representatives This is known as the conveyancing.

6) When all has been agreed you Exchange Contracts

7) You agree a completion date ie when you will actually sell/ buy.

This is the day the buyers' legal representatives hand over the money. Your solicitor or conveyancing agent makes sure the money has been transferred properly and confirms you can hand over the keys.

That's it

Can I change or add to my advertisement once it is online?

Yes that's no problem at all.

You have a very easy to use control panel. Changing any details will take seconds. You can access this at anytime from anywhere - as long as you have internet access.

What do I get from you / how do I know all is in order

You will be able to see yor advert on our website and the major property sites on our panel.

You will also get confirmation from World Pay that your card payment has gone through.

How soon will I see my property on-line?

You will see it immediately on this website. (Simply use our search a property tool). On our partner major property websites it's within 24 hours (on a working day).

What if I have any problems or questions?

You can email us at . We'll respond quickly ie usually on the same working day.

We run a small busy office so would rather not receive telephone calls . However we will certainly phone you back quickly if you want to ask or discuss something you find difficult to put in an email. (Please leave your number though !).

If my property doesn't sell as a result of the ad can I get a refund?

No. Sorry. Though we do offer a no quibble 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Can I email or post my photographs if I'm having problems adding them

Yes you can. Simply email them to us at

If you're really stuck you can post them to us. Please contact us

How do I remove my property when it's sold?

Simply let us know by email and we'll quickly remove your advert.


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