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The DIY Guide To Selling Your Own Home

How to Sell Your Own Home Sale Guide - Summary

The Pros & Cons

The Valuation - How to Set the Right Price

Legal Advice When Selling Your Own Home

Marketing Your Own Home Without an Estate Agent

The Description - How to Describe Your Property

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Viewings It's showtime folks

Dealing with offers - Tips and the Golden Rules to Negotiating

Exchanging Contracts and legal stuff


How to Sell Your Own Home Guide - Summary

So you’re going to sell your house (and probably buy another). This is of course a big deal – a deal worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Selling a house at any time, whether it's through an agent or not is always quite a stressful experience.

You might think that selling without the help of an estate agent might make things even more stressful. However, surprisingly, people who have sold their own house seem to say that it was less stressful than if an agent had been involved.

This may be because they've done it before anyway. But it may also be because estate agents can often add unnecessary stress. (See Pros and Cons of Using an Estate Agent).

Whatever the reasons, don't worry that selling your house yourself is going to be an impossibly difficult task.

A lot of people have done it before. And as the word gets out about how easy it can be, and how much money can be saved, more and more people are taking the plunge.

The only really complex part of selling a property is the legal aspect.

It is essential to go through the legal documents with a fine toothcomb. We recommend you get a professional to do this for you.

However the sad truth is that even some of these professionals find it rather difficult as well. Their mistakes and omissions can cause a lot of problems. This is either with the current property sale - where their slowness can cause unwanted delays - or there might be longer term consequences.

For example you might discover, twenty years down the line, that the end of your garden is not legally yours. (Unlikely but it does happen).

So the important thing is to make sure you use a competent professional. We tell you how to find a good solicitor or licensed conveyancer.

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