The DIY Guide To Selling Your Own Home

Selling Your Own Home Without an Estate Agent

Your house might be the finest in the street but unless you tell people about it, it will sit there unsold.

Fortunately the internet makes marketing your home a much simpler exercise than it was once. Now, using internet services like ours, you can get your advert directly in front of buyers who are searching for your type of property, in your area, at your asking price. From a marketing point of view this is an extraordinary development.

However there are some old fashioned options that are worth considering as well.

Get a For Sale sign / board

The selling board remains one of the most recognised marketing tools. They were the first method of selling properties and remain one of the best. Having one on display at your property can make a major difference to a successful sale.

While they are by no means essential we would recommend you think seriously about putting one up.

Some people don’t like them because of the security and privacy issues.

Firstly you might not want your neighbours to know your business.

And you don’t want every Herbert who walks past knocking on your door - but you can easily deal with this see our Security Tips.

You can get a For Sale Sign from us. If you decide to make your own remember to keep it under the legally required 0.5m square.

For more info on getting a For Sale sign click here

Register with an online property broker.

For a fraction of the cost of Estate Agent’s commission you can get a picture of your house and description posted on the major property portals via websites like this one.

Most websites offer a number of options at different prices. We aim to offer the best value in terms of price and coverage.
But shop around.

Some of these websites will offer you a free ad. This very likely means it will only be shown on their own website.

The problem with that is how many people will actually see it? You want your ad on the major websites where most people looking for property end up. These are the websites that the paid services will get you onto. Your advert will not look any different to those put up by the Estate Agents.

Advertising Yourself

Back in the dark ages, before the digital revolution, houses were advertised for sale in local newspapers classifieds. You could do the same.

The problem is that most local newspapers feature full page adverts showing properties for sale by the local estate agents. Your ad will probably be hidden at the back among the situations vacant etc ads. How many people will see it?

Also; most local newspapers are owned by major media groups who ensure the charges are very high. Is it worth it?

As part of our service your advert goes onto the websites of hundreds of local newspapers full list here

You could try putting a card advert / flyer in local newsagents' windows. These are cheap and are looked at by a lot of people so well worth considering.


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Marketing Your Own Home Without an Estate Agent

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Preparing Your Home to Sell

Viewings It's showtime folks

Dealing with offers - Tips and the Golden Rules to Negotiating

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