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How it Works for Me

Summary on Selling Your Own Home

In the bad old days if you wanted to sell your own home you had to go through an Estate Agent.

Boo... Hiss ...

Aaah... the good old Estate Agent: What can you say... Not only aren’t they particularly good at their jobs – often delaying things and losing you a sale - they also cost you thousands of pounds.

For doing what exactly?

Er... advertising your home...

Then - if they’re not too busy – standing around while people view it. (Click here for more on why Estate Agents are not necessarily the best way to sell your home).

The internet has changed everything.

Now over 75% of potential buyers search for their property online.

For the first time ever you have the perfect opportunity to sell your own home. This is because, with our help, you can easily place a professional looking advert on the internet.

Your ad will go on the leading property websites (including UpMyStreet, Fish4 for Homes, Propertyfinder, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and more See full property website list)

These are the same websites that your Estate Agent would advertise your property on themselves. The buyers can’t tell the difference between your own self-placed ad and one placed by your Estate Agent.

But you can; the same ad will cost you thousands of pounds less.

It’s Fast

It can take less than five minutes to set up.

It’s Easy

We walk you through preparing your easy ad.

Our free guides tell you everything you need to know.

You can change your ad and photos at any time.

It Looks Good

You can have four colour pictures.

We show you exactly how to create a highly professional ad with our Property Description Wizard

It works

Your advert is placed on several large property websites. Over 2 million people a month use them to search for homes to buy.

If they are looking for your type of property, in your area they will quickly see your home.

It’s Cheap

Our special pricing system means we have the lowest prices of any similar internet services. Only £19.95 a month.

It’s Trustworthy

There are no hidden charges.

There’s no minimum contract.

You can cancel at any time.

We have a safe, “any excuse” no quibble money back guarantee


I'm already with an Estate Agent

Can I use you and an agent?

How do I get a For Sale Board


About Joining

What do I have to do to sign up?

What if I change my mind?

What about security? Do I have to give my address and contact details?

How much does it cost? Any hidden extras?

What about my Privacy? Do you sell my email address

Can I pay by cheque?

Can I email or post my photographs if I'm having problems adding them

After Joining

What do I get from you / how do I know all is in order ?

What is the process of selling my property ?

Can I change or add to my advertisement once it is online ?

How soon will I see my property on-line ?

What if I have any problems or questions?

If my property doesn't sell as a result of the ad can I get a refund?

How do I remove my property when it's sold?



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