Yes ! You can get your own professional For Sale Sign from the Home Seller's Club


Why get one?

Estate Agents always use a For Sale board. And the reason is because they work. Your property will probably sell faster. About 15 to 25 percent of homes are thought to be sold as the result of a sign being seen. And don't forget that not everyone is online.


How much are they?

Only £25 if you advertise with us. Or £50 if you want to buy without advertising (If you want the latter please Contact us . Either way this is a very good deal compared to how much it would cost you to get the same board from an Estate Agents - thousands !


How long is the Delivery?

We send them First Class Royal Mail post so in theory it's next day delivery. But allow 2 or three working days


What else do I need?

You need to get a post on which to put the board. You can easily buy these at any local DIY shop.

Are they Easy to Put Up?

Yes very easy. We supply comprehensive instructions. It should take you only a few minutes.


Is My Phone Number on the Board?

Yes there is a space to put your own phone number. We supply an easy to use kit which makes your number look professionally printed. Handling the calls yourself really does put you in control of your own sale. There's no risk that an agent will fail to pass on the call.


To get your For Sale Sign

Please sign up and then contact us saying you want a board. Leave your phone number and we will call you


Please note that your For Sale Sign is not included in your Money Back Guarantee if it has been used at all. We will only refund it if it has been returned in its original condition ie clean, unused (eg without your phone number on it).

Any refunds will be at our discretion.

This rule is really to prevent the unscrupulous using our board to get a quick sale and then trying to send it back claiming a refund.

If you are genuine there will be no problem with getting a refund.


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